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Evaluation Copies

Mac OS X


The download files are being updated. Please contact me for up-to-date information.

These downloads contain the current version of the software. The evaluation license expires June 1, 2008. Each compressed file contains current versions of the applications, library files, a folder of pdf documents. The compressed files are about 16 MB. Contact ripplesoftware@mac.com for current pricing.

Applications included in the download are (1) Decision Making, (2) Fit Line to Data, (3) Generate Data Sheets, (4) Magnitude Estimation Task, (5) Muller-Lyer Task, (6) Plot Data, (7) Reaction Time Task, (8) SDT Model, (9) Plot SDT Data, (10) SDT Simulation, (11) SDT Task, (12) Statistics Tool, (13) z-Problems, (14) Sternberg Task [courtesy of Dr. Robert Padgett].

Random_Reasoning.pdf "Random Reasoning" handout from the Best Practices conference in October 2004 at Atlanta.
Classroom Handouts

Classroom handouts (pdf) referring to RippleSoft applications capabilities.

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