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Instructional Software for
Statistics & Experimental Psychology

RippleSoft Software

Downloads & Delivery

Change is inevitable RippleSoft is revamping the way in which products are licensed and purchased. Until the new procedure is running, click here to continue.
Downloading & Delivery

Statistics Tools [Single User License $75] [Institutional License $1,500]

An interactive, visual exciting introduction to the fundamentals of inferential statistics. The simulations and tutorials are structured around the Monte Carlo technique of repeated samples.

[MacOS X Version] [Windows NT Version]

Both versions use files in the "Library Stacks" download.

Library Stacks [Included with purchase]

All RippleSoft programs use a common set of "library stacks". Download the zip file of the curent folder of library stacks and other support files.

[RippleSoft Library]

The library files are "platform independent". The same files work with both Macintosh and Windows.

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