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RippleSoft Software

Programming Tutorials for Using the RippleSoft Library Stacks

Runtime Revolution: The HyperCard of the 21st Century

RippleSoft programs are written using Runtime Revolution, a successor to HyperCard. The programs are implemented as "stacks" and compiled as "standalone" programs for computers running Windows or Macintosh OS X.

Revolution's "Media": The $50 programming solution

Much of the code used in RippleSoft programs resides in code libraries. These tutorials show how to use the code libraries to program your own tasks using Revolution Media--a software package for creating stacks that can be "run" with a free stack player (Windows or Macintosh).

The command and function calls for the RippleSoft code libraries are documented here.

RippleSoft Library Tutorials

Each tutorial stack implements a technique useful in the classroom for teaching statistics or experimental psychology. All of the programming in the tutorial stack is available for inspection and editing. However, the library stacks themselves are password protected.

Licensing Restrictions

The tutorials and library stacks presented here are offered without charge. You are free to use them however you wish for noncommercial purposes.

RippleSoft Code Library Tutorials
How to Generate a Random Sample (download zip file)

This stack shows how to use the "StatToolsRR.rev" library to draw a random sample from a any of several distributions [Normal, Uniform, Binomial, Negatively Skewed, Positively Skewed].

Requires StatToolsRR.rev from the RippleSoft Library Stacks download (below).


Ripplesoft Library Stacks (download zip file)

This download contains all the stacks referenced by any of the RippleSoft programs. Contains the following libraries: RippleToolsRR.rev, StatToolsRR.rev, ExperimentToolsRR.rev, RippleToolsRR.rev, PlottingToolsRR.rev, SDTToolsRR.rev.

Note: the library stacks are password protected.

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