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Normal Distribution: Interactive Normal Distribution
Sampling Distributions via Monte Carlo Technique: Monte Carlo Simulation of F
Histogramer: Histogram of the 30,000 F-values
Frequency Distribution Table: Grouped Frequency Distribution
Statistical Tables: description
Data Entry

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Interactive Normal Distribution Display

This is an interactive normal distribution graphic. The student can drag either the left or right edge of the green region to display particular information. Values can be entered as either z-scores or observed (aka "Raw") scores.

Generate "Sampling Distributions"

This card generated 30,000 F-values each calculated from 2 samples (of size 5, and 56). For this particular simulation, the F-value at the 95th percentile was 2.5511. The tabled value is 2.5397. These values were then plotted using the Histogramer.


The Histogramer Tool displays the data grouped the desired number of bins (currently 100 are selected). The "Update Plot Every" menu allows the user to see the development of the final distribution.

Frequency Distribution Table

The Histogramer Tool also shows the Frequency Distribution table.

Statistical Tables

The Statistics Tool application has a limited number of statistical tables built in.

Data Entry

Data can be entered here or copied and pasted from another application.

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