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Univariate Normal Populations

You can edit the parameters of the normal populations available for simulations (that's in addition to entering values for the population mean and standard deviation on a one-time only basis.

Editing "Univariate Normal Populations"

Applications cannot change themselves while running. So any changes you make in the information about the Univariate Normal Populations have to be reloaded each time.

The first time the "Univariate Normal Populations" card is viewed, a text file located in the "preference_files" folder in the "library_stacks" folder is placed in the fields of this card and a text file of the information saved in a file area for the account being used.

Thereafter, whenever this card is viewed the file from the user-account file area is reloaded.

If you want to change the univariate population information for all users, edit the file in the "library_stacks/preference_files" folder before anyone uses the application.

If you don't have write access to the "library_stacks/preference_files" folder, you can import an edited file and respond "Yes" when asked if you want to make it the new default. This will update the file written to the user-account file area.

When you export the information, edit it, and import the information, you are asked if you want to make the imported information the "default". If you click "Yes" the original text file (written the first time the card was viewed) is rewritten with the new information. Thereafter the altered file is reloaded for use.

Limitation: Each account (on a computer) that launches "Statistics Tool" will have to import the altered file and make it the new default.

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